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Commonly Confused Words Have and of

The sound of the preposition of  is similar to the sound of ve--the shortened form of the helping verb have. As a result, of is sometimes misused in contractions. Usage Have  often functions as an auxiliary verb (or helping verb). In speech and informal writing, the contracted form ve  is sometimes used with the verbs could, must, should, would, may, and might. Of  is a  preposition, not a contraction. Examples Jed could have tried harder to help us.Jed said, I wouldve tried harder if Id known you were paying attention.Some of us must have been watching the game when the burglars broke into the house.If the Mets would have given him two more runs per game, Seaver would have won 20 games by the end of August. But that was one of those wouldve, couldve, shouldve scenarios.(Josh Rosengren, Hammerin Hank, George Almighty and the Say Hey Kid, 2008)The planning of the fly was an application of pure intelligence, morals not being concerned. Not one of us could have planned the fly, not one of us could have constructed him; and no one would have considered it wise to try, except under an assumed name.(Mark Twain, Thoughts of God, early 1900s) Usage Notes Mr. Wood, my English teacher, is always telling us that theres no such thing as must of, should of, could of, its must have, should have, could have. Mr. Wood says stuff like, The day you all get that simple little fact into your tiny little heads is the day I can retire a happy man. Well, this is all very well and good, but he doesnt need to be moaning on to me about it. (Hayley Long, Lottie Biggs Is [Not] Mad. Macmillan, 2009)When we speak, we slur these phrases so that they all sound as if they end in of, but in fact, all of them end in have. Their correct forms are may have, might have, must have, should have, would have, and could have. (Susan Thurman, The Only Grammar Book Youll Ever Need. FW Media, 2003)Some writers use of for ve deliberately to add flavor; should of and Id of have a drawled look that the more clipped shouldve and Idve lack. Ring Lardner and John OHara often used of for ve, and it is unlikely that either did it from ignorance. (Edward Johnson,  The Handbook of Good English. Washington Square, 1991)   Practice Exercises Fill in the blanks with either have or of. See how you did with the answers below. One _____ us made a mistake.It must _____ been you.She was one _____ the few gentlewomen I _____ ever known, and has remained throughout my life the measure _____ what a human being can be. (Maya Angelou, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. Random House, 1969) Answers to Practice Exercises One  of  us made a mistake.It must  have  been you.She was one  of  the few gentlewomen I  have  ever known, and has remained throughout my life the measure  of  what a human being can be. (Maya Angelou,  I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. Random House, 1969)

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Womans Struggle For Independence Essay - 1113 Words

Womans Struggle for Independence Women have had to fight for there independence. They have been repressed for a long period of history. Only recently have women started to gain respect as equals and individuals. Even today women are still looked down upon for there sex. From the begging of history women have been viewed as a lesser sex. In the time Mesopotamia women we in charge of the children and the home. In Ancient Egypt women had no power or authority. Women were viewed as property. The Hebrews, alto respecting women, did not allow them to own any property or to have an active place in government. In Rome women were not allowed to voice there opinions. They were viewed as lesser beings, whos role in society was to give birth and†¦show more content†¦They fought so that they could be intellectual individuals, and not just slaves to the male dominated society. They started thinking for themselves, having there own thoughts and ideas. In the modern 20th century women used the example of these women as arguments to push there cause. When the idea of Nationalism began bringing countries together it helped women slightly. Yet still did not make them there equality to men. In the time of the Industrial Revolution women began receiving jobs in factories. Alto they were still not treated as equals. They were paid significantly less than men for the same days work. The majority of women still stayed at home and took care of the household and children. The idea of socialism brought women more respect. With the idea of socialism women gained some standing in society as close equals to men. In a socialistic society everyone is equal, including women. This idea of equality women in the past could not even in vision. As the battle for womens rights continued they gained the right in the United States to live freely. They could now own land and participate in the government. At the end of the 19th century women began to become educated. They began to prove there intellectual equality to men. As World War I came around women began to enter the workforce. With the men being killed in time of war it left a limited number of men to work in the factories. Women began toShow MoreRelatedMirror by Sylvia Plath817 Words   |  3 Pagesclaims to reflect the truth, and by insinuation, the patriarchal perception of a woman’s existence, her value only as a beautiful entity, and her insignificance when she is no longer youthful and attractive. In contrast to the male’s classification of womanhood, which venerates beauty and youth, the persona looks inside to ascertain the true self, what she was as a person and what she has become, maturing by age. The woman’s separate identity and perception of self are, thus, in conflict with the stereotypeRead MoreAmes s Long Battle Against Lynch Law1257 Words   |  6 PagesDirector of Woman’s Work for the Commission on Interracial Cooperation in the 1920’s, and following that decade as the head of the association of southern Woman for the prevention of Lynching (ASWPL). The book deals both with Ames’s work in the woman’s movement and her efforts as a white liberal in the racist south. Ames’s long battle against lynch law gave her an opportunity to merge two basic interests-feminist concerns and racial reform. She saw anti-lynching primarily as a woman’s issue and usedRead MoreLiterary Analysis : Frances Ellen Walker Harper Published A Wealth Of Short Stories1479 Words   |  6 Pagesfeminism, and religion. Harper used her skill and passion to become economically and emotionally independent. In fact, much of her work echoes her identity as a middle class woman of color who supported herself through writing. However, this nature of independence was unusual for a woman in the 1800s, especially a black woman. Though Harper’s  portrayal of strong, independent womanhood is a much needed depiction of women, Harper is unqualified to establish expectations for black women in the 1800s. For theRead MoreEmma Goldmans Internal Tyrants1311 Words   |  6 Pages Emma Goldman’s concept of â€Å"internal tyrants,† as discussed in her piece The Tragedy of Woman’s Emancipation, describes how the conventions and expectations that are prevalent in society that affects the personal thoughts and feelings of women and thus shapes their actions, preventing them from living totally free. Goldman discusses how these internal tyrants can be seen when a woman worries about how she will be perceived in her social circles and communities, and may subsequently allow those perceivedRead MoreRevolutionary Mothers : Women During The Struggle For America s Independence773 Words   |  4 Pagesâ€Å"Revolutionary Mothers: Women in the Struggle for America’s Independence† is neither a romantic tale nor an attempt to revise traditional history by making women the pivotal players in war for independence. It does not tell one woman’s story, but many, and not all of those stories end in victory or triumph. The book examines a revolution, or war, that is blurred between the battlefield and the home front. It views the struggle of war through the eyes of women who found themselves willingly and unwillinglyRead MoreIn The Life And Writings Of Kate Chopin And Mary E. Freeman,1343 Words   |  6 PagesIn the life and writings of Kate Chopin and Mary E. Freeman, how can you see the obvious cry for women to have an equal status in a man’s world? Chopin and Freeman lived in a time when men dominated women; a woman’s job was to marry, have a home, and raise children. Women were their husband’s property and law did not protect them if they were abused. (Plaza) Owning land, making financial decisions, and voting was among the many things women could not do. Freeman and Chopin both used their literaryRead MoreWomen s Rights During The Victorian Age1486 Words   |  6 Pagesopportunities. Women were even denied the legal right to divorce in most cases. As the Norton Anthology states, these debates over women’s rights and their roles came to be known as the â€Å"woman question† by the Victorians. This lead to many conflicting struggles, such as the desire by all for women to be educated, yet they are denied the same opportunities afforded to men. While these women faced these difficulties, there was also the notion that women should be domestic and feminine. There was an idealRead MoreThe Women s Rig hts Movement874 Words   |  4 Pagesfounded by a group of women rights activists to combat against women’s suffrage in the United States. By the 1960’s radical feminists also known as the woman’s liberation movement once again took up the fight for equality amongst men and woman, yet by the late 1990’s early 2000’s it had begun to change, losing its primary focus of fighting for a woman’s right, and becoming a burden on women today. The blowback from feminism has left todays women to suffer the consequences, as they now find themselvesRead MoreW.B. Yeats September 1913 and Easter 1916 Poem Essay945 Words   |  4 Pages Throughout many of his poems, W.B Yeats portrayed important aspects of Ireland’s history especially around the 1900’s when Ireland was fighting for independence. During this time, Ireland was going through an agonizing time of struggle. The Employers’ Federation decided to lock out their workers in order to break their resistance. By the end of September, 25,000 workers were said to have been affected. Although the employers’ actions wereRead MoreA Summary Of The Awakening Conscience740 Words   |  3 Pagesthought this due to the speeding up and slowing down of the beating heart. The physical manifestation of emotion, the heart, begins to flutter when one’s love draws near; however, once joined with the person’s love, the owner of the heart loses independence and identity. Hunt, Atwood, and Chopin focus on the vast negative sacrifices one must make while in a relationship with a significant other: one’s identity, loss of opportuniti es due to relationship conformity, and potentially irreversible destruction

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Eric Schlossers Fast Food Nation Undermining American...

Andrew F. Smith once said, â€Å"Eating at fast food outlets and other restaurants is simply a manifestation of the commodification of time coupled with the relatively low value many Americans have placed on the food they eat†. In the non-fiction book, â€Å"Fast Food Nation† by Eric Schlosser, the author had first-hand experiences on the aspects of fast food and conveyed that it has changed agriculture that we today did not have noticed. We eat fast food everyday and it has become an addiction that regards many non-beneficial factors to our health. Imagine the wealthy plains of grass and a farm that raises barn animals and made contributions to our daily consumptions. Have you ever wonder what the meatpacking companies and slaughterhouses had†¦show more content†¦During this cataclysmic event on farmers, the death rate of suicidal farmers have gone far above that surpasses the death rate of war veterans and shell shock disorders. Eric also described, â₠¬Å"On top of all that, the growth of the fast food chains has encouraged consolidation in the meatpacking industries† (Schlosser 136). The tactics of the typical American fast food corporations are unfair to the farmers and ranchers, which causes sufferings on the marketing of cattle and the depletion of meat prices. As long as customers continue to buy the fast food products, meatpacking companies would continue to buy as many cattle as they want by the price that have been minimized to the least from the farmers and ranchers. Farming, ranching, and meatpacking are influenced by fast food, but nutrition and health of customers are impacted as well Fast food products are addicting and does taste good, but a majority of the American population does not recognize the least amount of nutrition being taken in and the major amount of chemicals being consumed. Once again, Eric demonstrated, â€Å"When Harding opened it, nobody was there. But he found a note on the door from th e Pueblo City-County Health Department. It said that his stool sample had tested positive for Escherichia Coli

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Monitoring and Review System for Organization -

Question: Discuss about theMonitoring and Review Systemfor Organization. Answer: Introduction The following essay deals with the various aspects of the monitoring process of an organization. How much important the monitoring is for the company, how the employees as well as the management of the organization deals with it are the main structure of the essay. In the essay many ways of monitoring is mentioned long with the issues that can occur in the organization due to the monitoring. The remedies of the issues are also mentioned in the essay. It is known to all that the prime responsibility of the management of the organization id to look after the various organizational factors properly and to improve them by following some certain and specific guidelines. Thus if the monitoring process is not correctly done by the authority of the company, the management would not be able to get success for their business. For the sake of the betterment of the business, the management of the organization would have to be concerned about the monitoring process of the Company. Other than thes e there are also some other aspects that the authority would have to be aware of, which are mentioned in the next passages. This will help the management of thee company to determine and prepare new and modified monitoring strategies for the company or the business of the company. Monitoring and Review Process Monitoring and review process is one of the main and prime aspects that the authority of the company must be aware of for the betterment of the company(Beasley, 2013). in this process, the management of the organization would have to look after all the aspects of the company or the organization such as the employee performance of the company, customer service quality of the company, the satisfaction of the employees of the company, the customer satisfaction and many other factors. If the management of the organization does not look after the mentioned factors, they would not be able to get success for their business. On the other hand, the review process is another thing that the company or the authority of the organization should use for the betterment of the trade of the organization. if the management of the company do not recheck the performances and the works of the employees of the company they would not be able to develop their own skill, which is obviously not good for the co mpany. thus the management of the company is responsible for the monitoring and the review system of the company for the sake of the improvement of the trade of the company(Emerging Technologies and Ethical Issues in Engineering, 2004). Issues in the Monitoring or Review System While monitoring the organizational aspects, there are many issues which occur in the organization due to some of the mistakes by the leaders and the managers of the company. it is the responsibility of the management of the organization to implement proper strategies for the prevention of the issues(Holliday and Cole, 2013). The most common issues due to the monitoring process are the employee performance, the satisfaction of the employees and the communication between the employees of the company and the management of the company. If the management does to monitor or control the employees, they would not be able to get involved with the jobs which are not a good thing for the company or the management of the company. These are the main issues that the company or he management of the company must be aware of and should implement the correct plans for the remedy of the issues(Juon, Greiling and Buerkle, 2015). If the management of the company can flow all the mentioned guidelines for the sake of the betterment of the organization, they would surely be able to get success in a short span of time. Future Monitoring Plans To set the future strategies for the monitoring of the employees of the company, the first thing that the employees must do is to build a nice and pleasant relationship with the management of the company(Kim, 2009). if the communication between the management and the employees is not good, the employees might become disobedient towards the management of the company. thus they have to maintain the behavioral aspect. The next thing that the management of the company must do is to look after the basic needs of the employees of the company(Marek, 2011). if the employees of the company are not satisfied with the facilities provided by the management of the organization they would be disappointed which is not good for the future of the company. the third aspect is the environment of the workplace(Rowley, 2016). The management of the company would have to provide a nice and better working environment to the employees for their satisfaction. These are the prime strategies that the management of the company must use for the betterment of the monitoring and reviewing process of the company(Sheehan, 2010). Conclusion To conclude the essay it must be mentioned that the monitoring process and the review system is one of the main thing that the management should think of for the ultimate development of the organization or the business of the organization. as mentioned earlier, to make better plans regarding the monitoring process the management of the company would have to maintain a nice and pleasant communication with the employees of the company. This will smoothen the procedure. It is quite clear that if the management of the company can make it possible to use the monitoring strategies properly and with proper skills, they would be able to get success for the future of the company. All the mentioned strategies are equally important for the company. if the management of the company can follow the guidelines the business of the organization would be benefited in many ways, otherwise it would be tough for the company or the authority of the company to run the business successfully. References Beasley, M. (2013).Practical web analytics for user experience. 1st ed. Waltham, MA: Morgan Kaufmann. Emerging Technologies and Ethical Issues in Engineering. (2004). 1st ed. Washington, D.C.: National Academies Press. Holliday, E. and Cole, C. (2013).An Examination of Rater Agreement: The Behavioral Functioning of Children Engaged in a Wraparound Model of Care. 1st ed. Juon, C., Greiling, D. and Buerkle, C. (2015).Internet marketing start-to-finish. 1st ed. Indianapolis, Ind.: Que. Kim, Y. (2009).Combining constructed response items and multiple choice items using a hierarchical rater model. 1st ed. Marek, K. (2011).Using Web Analytics in the Library. 1st ed. Chicago, IL: ALA Editions. Rowley, J. (2016).Information marketing. 1st ed. London: Routledge. Sheehan, B. (2010).Online marketing. 1st ed. Lausanne: AVA Academia.

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Academician MA Leontovich. Scientist. A teacher. A citizen Review Essay Example

Academician MA Leontovich. Scientist. A teacher. A citizen Review Paper Essay on Academician MA Leontovich. Scientist. A teacher. A citizen Not just a great book. Memories of several tens of the most famous and the most extraordinary of Soviet physicists, representatives of different scientific schools of his teacher, the times, the manners of ways such that no one ever write will be gone. Who is Mikhail Leontovich, world-class physicist, founder of the world-class scientific school? All is not enough! Legendary person. Book their thoughtful and long-term collection of more than 500 pages its remembered academicians, doctors and candidates even bureaucrats. So currently leontovich said: I am in my life has made two feat: down on a raft on a mountain river in the Altai region in 1928 and dismissed the chief of the first department of the IAE Having it all read off already. unthinkable. To make it clear that there is collected, should probably bring the most vivid examples, just choose a very difficult, but of those whom I myself know, and who believe:  «He did not tolerate insubordination, the same applies to the student, and to Academician did not like the regime of restrictions in science, I believed that they could only refer to the technology. For signing any secret papers to send for a purpose it is usually quiet meek woman. Here, Mikhail, with the stamp paper, she said in a trembling voice. Remember, a vulture a bird that feeds on carrion graciously explained leontovich signing paper We will write a custom essay sample on Academician MA Leontovich. Scientist. A teacher. A citizen Review specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Academician MA Leontovich. Scientist. A teacher. A citizen Review specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Academician MA Leontovich. Scientist. A teacher. A citizen Review specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer the judgment of the whole people were almost always interesting and unexpected.. Justice, he said it is satisfied with envy. The main advantages of the women believed in the order of mention:. Voice, smile, growth Id love to bring a couple more excerpts from the book (memories of my other colleagues, the whole can read them here:): 1. One day in the autumn of 1964 is very excited MA literally flew into the room: Have you heard Lysenko decided to make his deputy academician at the institute with a very distinctive name Nuzhdin, which was not a correspondent member and in general not known. Of course, in the department where Lysenko host Nuzhdin easily passed. Now it must be approved at a general meeting by two-thirds. Never before this procedure does not end in failure, and the person selected in the office, always dial the required number of votes at the General Meeting You understand Nuzhdin no not a scientist, he -. Official who does the will of the possessed Lysenko, who decided his reward for faithful service. Especially Nuzhdin, being the boss, of course, signed as co-author (and not only) most of the scientific work performed by the staff of the Institute. In addition, these people are destroying the biology, the Academy turns into a centaur with a very small human head, which embodies the science and enormous administrative horses ass: academics are in the vast majority of officials and chiefs It is quite obvious that. Nuzhdina prevent elections impossible. General Meeting a swamp, the bulk of even sensible people just do not know what is happening in other departments. But everyone knows that Lysenko enjoyed the patronage of the powerful at the top, and therefore will not communicate with him, so as not to lose their status. However, later the unexpected happened. When voting on each candidate Secretary read out the formal details. After that, says the stock phrases: Are there any questions?. Usually there are no questions, and the procedure ends successful for entrant vote. AI called applicants applicants for academic titles. Typically, before the next elections to the Academy MA table in his office was literally littered with thick packets that are sent applicants. On the question of why so much correspondence, he replied: Candidates want to, I studied their works When it came to Nuzhdina after duty word phrases Secretary asked Tamm.. You know, he was very interested in biology. Tamm in a very polite manner, calling Nuzhdina by name and patronymic, expressed cautious doubt that the applicant meets the requirements of that general meeting makes a member of the Academy. In particular, despite the relatively large number of works, he always heads the list of great collaborators. Moreover, Tamm known fundamental works on biology, which would Nuzhdin supervised or carried out independently. Can you imagine Tamm acquainted with scientific work Nuzhdina! The next speaker was Yakov Borisovich Zeldovich, which is also very soft terms he said that the scientific community is not known Nuzhdina contribution to biological science, and he is not sure that the approval of the nomination Nuzhdina general meeting would be. You know, they were prepared in advance and did not tell me anything. The General Meeting of the alert. All the same, it was clear that t hey would vote for Nuzhdina Suddenly, on the podium appears agitated for many an unknown man and says about these words: What you are discussing Nuzhdin henchman Lysenko and his hands in the Vavilov blood.? ! The room started to panic, brewing scandal. Some climbed from fear under the chairs. We started asking who it was? Lysenko have started frothing at the mouth, academician Ilicheva (Central Committee for Ideology secretary chief of the party of the Academy) demonstratively left the hall, someone joked: Went to call Khrushchev, which at that time went to Scandinavia. You guess who it was? Of course, Andrei Sakharov. He was not involved in the conspiracy, Tamm and Zeldovich, he was not informed about his research scientific works Nuzhdina, they decided to make all intelligent, apparently realizing that Andrei Dmitrievich speak sharply and the scare academics. I honestly thought that Nuzhdina still be approved, but he could have collected a few votes !!! It was a victory, Lysenko has not received unconditi onal approval, and for the first time, at least in the Soviet era, academics assembly voted down the proposed separation of the candidate. 2. MA was perhaps the only person of such a level that was not the star of the hero of Socialist Labor. To paraphrase a famous saying, we can say that the AI ​​was not disgraced government awards. To the layman it looked particularly odious in the Brezhnev era, when the stars were handing out at Easter, to the cover and on the day of the Paris Commune. He had many orders of Lenin and other awards, including the Order of funny guys. He treated it calmly, even he said that on its 50th anniversary (birthday MA March 7, 1903), he received the award instead of the most wonderful gift in my life he died a great leader. Although he enjoyed listening to the story of how one minister, received by the anniversary of Lenins order instead of the star hero, said: They told me spit in the face with the Order of Lenin, however, I feel sad MA about the quality of government, which was then ruled country. With the same mood MA said as he attended the 80th anniversary of the PL Kapitsa . When it was announced that the submarine was awarded the title Hero of Socialist Labor, he told AI: You see, Mikhail, and you can sign the letter (talking about Kapitsa signed letters in defense of dissidents Ch) and stars get. »

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Imprisonments Effect on Recidivism

Imprisonments Effect on Recidivism Free Online Research Papers The subject of recidivism in the Criminal Justice System has been long studied. It has also been argued over as to the extent of its effectiveness. Recidivism is defined as the repeating of a negative action after experiencing negative consequences from that action or receiving treatment for that action. In regards to the criminal justice system, recidivism occurs when one is rearrested after serving a sentence. With this in mind, recidivism is only discovered when an arrest and or conviction has occurred. Therefore the true number of recidivism cases only covers reported cases. The question develops of just how does incarcerating criminals affect the rates of recidivism? As of mid 2008 there was approximately a population of 2,310,984 held in federal or state prisons or jails in the United States. Of these 1,540,805 were serving out sentences under federal or state jurisdiction. There was an increase of 509 from 506 sentenced prisoners per 100,000 United States residents from yearend 2007. This was an overall increase of 0.8% from the previous yearend. This was however less than the average increase of 2.4% annually for the years 2000 to 2007. (1) These numbers show the growth of the United States inmate population which leads to problems with overcrowding. Within the next year the Federal Bureau of Prisons will open three federal correctional institutions which can hold an approximate 10,500 federal inmates at maximum capacity. (2) According to a national study in 2003 showed that seven out of ten male prisoners that were released will return to prison. (Viser) The question of how does incarceration effect recidivism seems to be obvious. It doesn’t have an impact on those who serve there sentences in prisons or jails. However there are factors that could influence those who serve time and thereby have an impact on recidivism. The dependant variable of the articles reviewed is recidivism itself in the reincarceration of those who were released. The independent variables found were substance addiction, mental illness, and readjustment to society after release. One problem in an inmate’s rehabilitation is dealing with addiction. In 2002 half of jail inmates were held for drug as well as violent offenses. Drug offender population was up by 37% and more than two thirds of the population growth in local jails was due to the increase of those charged with drug law violations. (4) In a personal interview with a federal inmate I was told that most of those who are in violation of drug laws of possession and trafficking do so to support their own drug addiction. This inmate had been in and out of the judicial system since 1972 stating that â€Å"every time I get out I end up on the dope again†. Because of this problem substance abuse treatment has become implemented into the recovery mind set of incarceration. A qualitative study over a five year period tracked a cohort of nonviolent inmates participating in an alcohol and drug treatment program in Monroe County. The success of this program was shown through the finding that of those who participated in the program were less likely to recidivate within the first year than the control group (Turley). Mental illness is another problem impacting recidivism of inmates. A number of studies have shown that many inmates have shown signs or have been diagnosed as having mental disorders in comparison to other inmates. In a study of 79,211 inmates serving sentences from September 2006 thru August 2007 information on mental disorders and history of incarceration during the previous six years was collected from statewide medical information system and studied. It was found that inmates that had major mental disorders including depressive disorders, bipolar disorders, schizophrenia, and non schizophrenic disorders had a substantially increased chance of reincarceration .Inmates with bipolar disorders were found to have a 3.3 times more likely to have had four or more previous incarcerations than those without the disorder. (Baillargeon) One issue that arises is those who have been labeled as â€Å"career criminals† or those who have the label of being psychopathic. Psychopathy is defined by an uninhibited gratification in criminal, sexual, or aggressive urges and being unable the make improvements with treatment. Those who have this disorder receive gratification and to some extent pleasure from their antisocial behavior. These subjects are also found to have little to no remorse for actions. This includes the not only the consequences for their victims but for themselves as well. It has also been shown that those with psychopathy have a 2.5 times higher probability of being released from incarceration than those who are undiagnosed as suffering from this disorder, even though they are more likely to recidivate. This is in part to the findings that psychopathy is mostly unaffected by not only punishment but rehabilitation techniques as well. Not only does rehabilitation not affect psychopathic individual s but incarceration leads to them becoming better at hiding their disorder and their behavior. (8) Yet another reason that many inmates find themselves incarcerated multiple times is that they have a hard time adjusting to life after being imprisoned. Many inmates become accustomed to the structured life that imprisonment establishes with set times and procedures for working, going to school, eating, and sleeping. In a majority of cases those who are released from incarceration are released under parole and under some extent of supervision. The planning for ones release should begin before their release as well as afterwards. According to an analysis conducted by the Florida Department of Corrections based on 18,414 inmates from 1996 to 1997 showed that those who completed reentry programs including education, vocational, and substance abuse programs were less likely to recidivate than those who did not participate or complete these programs (7). The success rate was increased when reentry programs were continued after release. Part of the hardship with reentering society after being imprisoned is the reintroduction to an environment that brought about their original incarceration. While it is important for those who are incarcerated to distance themselves from the environment and those within that environment that lead to their incarceration it is just as important to for them to strengthen their relationship with those who support them and support their recovery. A study was conducted in Florida with 7,000 inmates who were released to observe the testing of the influence of visitation on recidivism. They looked at whether visitation occurred, the frequency of visits, as well as whom the visitors were (family, friends, or other). They also took into account the inmates age, sex, as well as the reason for incarceration. Overall they found that visitation did have an impact on the amount of time recidivism was delayed over a two year period after release. Within this the closer the visit was to the end of in carceration and the visits of spouses over other family and friends had more affect on the amount of time between recidivating.(9) The results of research seem to show that incarceration itself has little overall effect on recidivism rates o prisoners. It is only with rehabilitation programs that any improvement can be found. Even so the success that is found is more in extending the amount of time between recidivism than with reducing it. Substance addiction issues require long term treatment after release in order to increase the rate of recidivism for these offenders. Recidivism rates with those who suffer from mental disorders are a more difficult problem to control. The problem is more due to the lack of diagnoses and the treatability of the disorder than the matter of long term treatment. Review of articles shows that while incarceration is not the answer to recidivism the treatment and training that inmates receive while incarcerated improves the time between recidivism if not the chances of recidivism. To see more improvement there needs to be an improvement not so much with the treatments and programs p rovided but in the duration of these treatments and programs. Bibliography (1) (n.d.). Retrieved October 1, 2009, from (2) (n.d.). Retrieved October 15, 2009, from (3) Viser, C. A. (2003). â€Å"Transitions from Prison to Community: Understanding Individual Pathways†. The Urban Institute, Justice Policy Center, District of Columbia Washington, 20037. (4) Retrieved October 15, 2009, from (5) Turley, A., Thornton, T., Johnson, C., Azzolino, S. (2004). International Journal of Offender Therapy Comparative Criminology, 48(6), 721-728. (6)Baillargeon, Jacques, Ingrid Binswanger, Joseph Penn, Brie Williams, Owen Murray: American Journal of Psychiatry; Jan2009, Vol. 166 Issue 1, p103-109, (7) (n.d.) Retrieved September 16, 2009, from (8) (n.d.) Retrieved October 2, 2009, from (9) Bales, w. D., Mears, D. P. (2008). Inmate Social Ties and the Transition to Society Does Visitation Reduce Recidivism?. Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency, 45(3), 287-321. 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Contemporary Issue Analysis Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Contemporary Issue Analysis - Assignment Example ecific stages of education, and what they should be capable of doing, irrespective of socio-economic status, and other factors that contribute to inequality. It ensures equality and quality in education. Considering this description and the purpose of standardization to achieve appropriate outcomes, standardization of the curriculum is good. Standardization of the curriculum can happen at different levels, that is, at national, state, district and school levels. There is however standardization of the curriculum to fit all, which is not appropriate considering the current U.S education system. Standardization of the curriculum to fit all in this case refers to the current proposed national standards that are getting renewed as a way to reform the education system. This discussion provides reasons why the K-12 curriculum should not be standardized at the national levels. It explains the importance of standardization of the curriculum which supports standardization at state, district, and school levels, but argues against standardization to fit all. Standardization of the curriculum is good because it is a working framework for the teachers. There are different layers of standardization of the curriculum, for example, there are curriculum standards at the state level which specify the skills and content that the children are supposed to acquire at specific grades. There are standardized curricula at the local levels which are more specific, for example, that students in grade six should be taught about a specific disease’ management because of its prevalence in the district (Kendall, 2011). Standardization is important because it provides an effective way of learning; there are goals which guide the teachers, the students and the students in nurturing the society into what they want it to be. It is also beneficial to different populations; as described above, there are standardizations at different levels. It can, therefore, benefit the state, the districts, the