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Development and Promotion at North Atlantic Hospital Analysis Essay

Development and Promotion at North Atlantic Hospital Analysis - Essay Example Moreover, they were more interested to work for their own development rather than helping physicians or junior physicians to get promoted. So Dr. Harris studied the methodologies that were followed in other departments. Dr. Harris along with Dr. Cook surveyed various physicians and conference leaders, to take suggestions on conducting career conference in their department regularly. Several piece of advice and complaints came up, for which solutions were found and a proper framework of managing career conference for the Department of Anesthesiology was prepared. The career conference is valuable because it would analyze the performance of the department as a whole and help them to set goals for future. Table of Contents Executive Summary 2 Introduction 4 Question 1: Who should be the conference leaders? 5 Question 2: Would the meetings be uniform across all physicians? 6 Question 3: Once conference leaders were selected, how should they be paired with physicians? 7 Question 4: Should the conference discussions focus solely on physician development, or should they also consider issues of general performance and compensation? 9 Question 5: How would the department recognize conference leaders for their time and investment? 10 Conclusion 11 Reference 13 Appendices 14 Introduction Hospitals are institutions developed not only for the purpose of treatment but also for the personal career development of the clinicians and physicians. Similarly North Atlantic Hospital in Atlanta was also a medical college which was not only involved in treating patients but also in research and development programs for physicians, clinicians and educators. Dr. Elizabeth Harris became the chair person of the Anesthesiology department in the year 2009. This was among the biggest departments of North Atlantic Hospital. It was her job to ascertain the proper functioning of her department. Dr. Lesley Cook, the vice-chairman of the department assisted her in this task. Dr. Harris studied th e previous survey results to understand the fact that the doctors were not satisfied with their job because they were paid less for the work that they do. Moreover, there was no proper appraisal system prevailing within the department (Mondy 5). The seniors did not efficiently communicate with their subordinates. So there was a communication gap between the senior physicians and the assistant-physicians. This not only weakened the feedback process within the department but also deteriorated the quality of treatment. The department also lacked professionalism and they had no organizational goal or visions to lead them. Everyone was involved in promoting their own work rather than working towards the common goal of the department. In this scenario, Dr. Harris joined the hospital. It was very important to set things right because The North Atlantic Hospital had a very good reputation among the medical students and young researchers. They all aspired to join institutes of such status an d pursue their medical education and research. The department consists of mainly Clinicians also called physicians and Research Physicians. Clinicians- The investigators are physicians who spend 80 percent of their time in treating patients, investigating diseases and 20 percent of time in completing the administrative duties of the department. They also sometimes assisted the research physicians in research activities and co-authoring various books.

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